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July 10th, 1998 San Francisco Omnimedia v0.4 at CELL
September 18th, 1998 Boulder Creek Woodstockhausen
October 17th, 1998 Seattle Omnimedia Northwest v0.5
October 18th, 1998 Portland Omnimedia Northwest v0.5
October, 21st, 1998 Eugene Visiting Artist Lecture, University of Oregon
October, 21st, 1998 Eugene David Tristram, Solo Performance
December 9th, 1998 Bay Area Interview on KKUP FM 91.5
April 15th, 1999 Oakland The raVe [rd]Emix!
August 14th, 1999 Boulder Creek Woodstockhausen 1999
December 31st, 1999 San Jose New Year's Eve at 2LoveDesign
June 10th, 2000 Santa Rosa Health and Harmony Festival
September 16th, 2000 Boulder Creek Woodstockhausen 2000
May 8th, 2001 Santa Cruz Festival of Voice and Electronics
August 11th, 2001 Big Sur Tropic of Dreams Festival
September 15th, 2001 Boulder Creek Woodstockhausen 2001
August 17th, 2002 Santa Cruz Woodstockhausen 2002

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