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August 17, 2002
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Woodstockhausen 2002

Saturday, August 17, 2002, 7 PM
UCSC Quarry Amphitheatre

$10 Donation

Wow!  It's actually happening again.  And this time it's in a place that holds a dangerously large crowd.  There is even a certain chance that the whole thing might GO CRITICAL! 

Woodstockhausen is a non-intuitive re-rendering of unrendered renderings.  And I'm not talking fat drippings.  An amazing assemblage of pan-dimensional endo-promotional programming, both aural and eyeral. Multiple artists, fartists, and cranberry tartists.  Taste with your ears, dispel a few fears, take a look, get hooked.  You're gonna love it.

  • Visual Art by David Tristram and Alan Peevers.
    Featuring ElectroPaint™, and Oozic Reactor!
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