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September 15, 2001
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Woodstockhausen 2001

Saturday, September 15, 2001, 8 PM
$8 Donation

Oh no, not again.  A really really special event under big trees. 

Woodstockhausen chronicles the crumbling creatives evading erstwhile emus.  Or rather, listen to the twilight tweets and trills of a non-suburban presto-log, melting slowly  What I mean is, oh well, I guess you'll have to be there.  Much smaller and less ambitious than last year, and yet, promises to be so much more.  Catch us!   You never know, this could be the last one...

  • Real-time Video Art by David Tristram and Alan Peevers.
    Trip on Dave's latest 3D artwork, generated using his custom PC application, ElectroPaint™, and the newest emersion of Alan's Lava, Oozic!

For late breaking detailed information see Invitation to Woodstockhausen

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