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Saturday & Sunday
October 17 & 18, 1998
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Omnimedia Northwest (v.05)

Experimental electronics, improvisation, and collaboration featuring audio and video artists from San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle October 17

The Parlour Room
163 S Jackson, 3rd Floor
8pm, $6-10
    sliding scale donation


Portland October 18

Aural Fixation
    (at the New Paris Theater)   
6 S 3rd
8pm, $5 at the door

Ovenguard Music is pleased to announce the newest installment in the Omnimedia series of audio/video festivals, featuring live experimental electronics and electroacoustic music. Omnimedia Northwest (v.05) will take place in Seattle on October 17th and in Portland, Oregon on October 18th, 1998. As in previous Omnimedia shows in San Francisco, Omnimedia Northwest will include simultaneous performances by experimental audio and video artists, producing a unique experiential environment which is part concert, part video gallery, and part museum of electronics.

Performances at Omnimedia, both audio and video, are substantially improvised, and collaboration between artists, both planned and spontaneous, is emphasized. Artists routinely re-use and manipulate each others' material as well as performing together. The opportunity for collaboration between San Francisco and Seattle area artists is one of the most exciting aspects of Omnimedia Northwest.

Audience involvement is another aspect of Omnimedia which has been extremely positive in the past. Throughout the show, audience members are encouraged to wander between artists' workstations, and to ask questions regarding both technical and creative aspects of the performance. Where possible, provisions are made for creative input by audience members. Attendants are also encouraged to bring with them compact discs and videotapes which might be incorporated into audio and video collages during the show.

For more information, visit the Events Listing at Ovenguard Music.


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