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Deconstruction Set - parts one and two

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These two hour recordings capture the entire three and a half hour live performance made by David Tristram and Bob Boster in Seattle, WA on October 17, 1998. Bob was appearing as Mr. Meridies, and provided a CD manipulation station for creation of the soundtrack to the video content. For most of the time, Bob selected CD’s and scanned them pulling loops and time manipulation effects, but occasionally other artists from a co-located event contributed as well. Near the end of part one, a live saxophonist can be heard.

The video track is a blend of one VHS source, and one source of live computer graphics. The VHS sources are themselves a blend of live action and real-time CG, mostly prepared in a "studio" setting. Most of the live action was captured by David, although occasionally found video material from mainstream sources is sampled. The blending was achieved with a consumer-quality video mixer. The live computer graphics were created using "MindBender", Tristram Visual's Viviographic instrument, running on an IBM compatible personal computer.

The choice of VHS and consumer mixer were made to reduce the cost and complexity of the touring performance package, while maintaining a sufficient level of control and visual sophistication to allow a means of personal expression.

Bob and David collaborated at this event to the extent that they could perceive each other’s work as it was being made. No explicit technical correlation was created, that is, there were no wires or audio/video sensing devices connecting the players.

The tapes form a two volume set. At the beginning of "Deconstruction Set - part two", approximately the last half hour of "part one" is recapitulated, allowing the viewer to reestablish the mood and pacing of the piece before moving on to the new material in the second half of the (originally continuous) performance.

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