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David Tristram, Viviographer

David Tristram uses computers and video equipment to create a new form of dynamic improvisational visual art, called Viviography.

Simply put, Viviography is the art of creating art in motion. Derived from the Latin prefix "vivi" or "alive," Viviography uses the power of modern computers to create images that are born on the screen, then advance, retreat, shift, ascend, or disappear at the artist’s bidding. Viviography allows the artist to achieve the spontaneity of jazz performance in a visual medium. When accompanied by music, Mr. Tristram’s Viviography can engender a synaesthetic response in the viewer, where audience members report the experience of seeing music, or hearing pictures.

Viviography first came to be in the early 1990’s when the advent of the graphics workstation allowed Mr. Tristram to bring controllable real time 3D imagery to live performance. In 1992, Mr. Tristram toured with the Grateful Dead. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Tristram founded the computer graphics performance ensemble Raster Masters, and with them refined Viviographic technique, collaborating with musical artists as diverse as Live, Fishbone, Morphine, and Herbie Hancock. Over a period of three years, Raster Masters performed nationally and internationally before audiences of as many as 50,000.

Now, using fast and inexpensive 3D cards for the PC in combination with low-cost video sources, Mr. Tristram is creating Viviography with the next generation of lightweight tools. Through the consulting firm Tristram Visual, he has created video art and software for corporate clients and has performed at new music concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Tristram Visual also partners with other technology companies interested in accessing Viviographic tools. Mr. Tristram may be contacted  via electronic mail or at the address below.

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