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Bob Boster / Mr. Meridies

Sometime in the early nineties, in the production facilities of the award- winning student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bob Boster created Mr. Meridies out of smoke and mirrors. Picking up on Negativland's anthemic announcement that "copyright violation is your best entertainment value," Bob wanted to make some sounds out of other people's sounds, and do it in a way that could be consumed in a "pop" manner, but outside of the current modes of appropriation (hip-hop, sample-oriented dance music, commercials, etc....) It was important to develop an identity to associate with this work, as well as a "cover", should it ever be necessary to hide from the overzealous defenders of corporate capital's "right" to own information. Mr. Meridies became that identity.

Since that time, Mr. Meridies has released a dozen cassette releases, performed in venues as diverse as the NY's Knitting Factory, Chapel Hill's Cat's Cradle, and SF's own 2779 (AKA Komotion). Recently, an appearance on Negativland's radio show, "Over the Edge" marked an apotheosis of sorts for this long-time collage freak. A cut from Mr. Meridies' earliest use of CD players as musical instruments is featured on Friction Media's visionary compilation _Cognitive Mapping Vol. 2_ . Since then Mr. M has been heavily represented on Illegal Art's _Deconstructing Beck_, and a limited edition _Live at Cultural Labyrinth_ compilation CD and finally on his own self-titled full-length on Friction Media

Bob Boster, in the same period, has completed an MFA in electronic music at Mills College, scored numerous dance performances, composed for a couple of films and plays, produced a CD for Knitting Factory Works (_Downtown NY Jazz and Other Sounds_), founded a media collective (Friction Media), managed WXYC - the aforementioned radio station, produced a series of concerts in the Bay Area (Cultural Labyrinth), engineered for Fred Frith, Chris Brown, and Alvin Curran, and performed with improviser Scott Rosenberg, geek rock icon Wobbly, and noise artist Cheryl Leonard.

The dual identity continues to confuse even the most intimate of friends and colleagues, but it seems safe to consider them to be "close associates".

Other Current Projects:

  • bouche: a duo featuring the extended vocal technique of Kristi Martel with vocals and processing by Bob.
  • SignWave: a extreme electronics duo with synthesist Vance Galloway.
  • Armageddon String Ensemble: an ever evolving line-up of acoustic string players with processing, usually known to include: A.L. Dentel, Cheryl Leonard, Patty Liu, and John Blue.
  • Idea of Fun: an ongoing project for mixing standard consumer CD players as manipulated by groups of up to 20 performers.

    Contact: Bob Boster 510-638-9050


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