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Dave's Note

Hi there.  Thanks a lot for visiting the Tristram Visual web site.  This is a tremendously exciting time.  The way my new work is developing right now there are any number of ways it can come together.  If you're reading this, you have some idea of  what Viviography can be.  I want it to work for you.  Please feel free to contact me with your reactions to my latest show, or your conception for a new one.  I want to hear from composers, recording artists, performers, publishers, programmers, pundits, and especially other artists.  How can we work together?  Do you have images you want me to process?  Do you have video processing ideas and equipment you want me to work with?   Is there music you wish to visualize, perhaps that you've written or recorded?   An event that I can make unique?  An environment I can help you create?   A game or other title that needs some fantastic appearance or behavior?

I know there is a way to access Viviography that is right for you.  Mail me and let's find it.

David Tristram

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